@jesus__kristo: @electronjs has officially taken over my computer. 5 out of 7

What is ?

A way to build native desktop apps.

Why Desktop Apps?

  1. Do what browsers can't: Open files.
  2. Do stuff offline.
  3. Combine with other tech.
  4. Do computationally intense stuff.
  5. Distribution/Exposure.

What is Tech?

What is Tech?

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4.  ⤷ Frontend + Server Side

Why Tech?


The Promise

Yeah,pretty much rocks!

  1. Community & release pace.

  2. Github is vested in it.
  3. Quick wins.
  4. Windows, macOS, & Linux.
  5. Single-browser focus: Just Chrome.
  6. Code reusability.

rocks, except when it doesn't.

  1. Partial promises: feature relevance.
  2. Windows, macOS, & Linux.
  3. Browser ➞ Desktop mental shift.
  4. Advanced use can be difficult & not as well documented.
  5. Footprint
  6. Don't use it only as daemon.
  7. Don't use it only as task menu.

Electron Microscope

Myth or Fact? Web Code Reusability

Getting Started

Myth or Fact? Cross Platform

  1. Most things translate well (UI).
  2. macOS has 3 menus, Windows has 2
  3. Autoupdates do not work on Linux.
  4. Jumplists are Windows only.
  5. macOs Touch Bar

PackagingFor Win/Mac/Linux

Releasingin the Wild

Commercial Apps

CommercialBusiness Models

  1. Open app, paid service.
  2. Custom Licensing Solution

Commercially UnacceptableUX

Commercial apps need code signing.

CommercialCode Signing



Real World App

What is Fenix

Fenix 3 Demo

Fenix Deployments

Fenix Deployments

Fenix Challenges



Corey Butler — @goldglovecb

Fenix coming soon to Author.io

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